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Neck Mask

*Frownies Rosewater Spray applied to the Neck Mask will increase the number or applications. Can Frownies help with neck wrinkles? Fabulous Serum I absolutely am in love with apple stem cell serum. It makes your skin feel like velvet. And, I am positively sure it is helping to correct my skin flaws ... wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. This is my new FAVORITE beauty product!! Debbie R. Effects lasted for days The mask might be my favorite product. Just like the eye patches, the effects for me lasted days. Smoothed out lines and plumped my skin. Love it! Teri FROWNIES Apple Stem Cell Serum Neck Mask - a clear gel patch system, with Apple Stem Cell, and Snow Mushroom extract that has amazing moisturizing and brightening benefits when applied to the skin.