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Cleansing Milk

Lightly creamy, this gentle, natural facial cleanser whisks away impurities, leaving the complexion soft and radiant.

Especially formulated for dry or sensitive skin, and beneficial for all skin types, it blends soothing Lavender with purifying Fo-Ti.

  • In a gentle circular motion, apply to face and neck morning and evening, removing with a warm moist cloth. Repeat if removing makeup, and follow with the Tammy Fender tonic or floral water best suited to your skin.
  • At the Spa, we encourage micro-circulation by using facial massage techniques. If you like, spend 1-2 minutes applying gentle pressure as you cleanse, running fingers along the brow line, from the center to the edges—whatever feels good. Scoop underneath the cheekbone, upwards towards the temples. Circle the eyes, and trace the jawline, from the center of the chin to beneath the earlobe.