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No Mo-Unibrow Portable Brow Wax Kit (24 Strips)

Have an unexpected video call in 2 minutes, but your unibrow looks like it's about to fly off your forehead?

The No Mo-Unibrow Portable Brow Wax Kit is here to save the day! Filled with 24 individual hypoallergenic wax strips that you can use for your brows or anywhere on your face. Super slim packaging made for those who wax on the go, includes bonus mini tweezers, post-wax aloe cream to soothe those sensitive spots. 


How To Use:

Rub strip in your hands for 20 seconds to heat the wax. Pull strip apart and apply to skin, rub strip onto face for 10 seconds, hold skin taut and pull opposite of hair growth. Tweeze excess strays our mini tweezers included inside each kit. Apply aloe cream post-wax. 




20% more strips! Enjoy 24 ct wax strips for the same 20 ct price.